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against the background of plunging commodity and stock markets。

there have been some ominous developments in the recent past that we would be most unwise to ignore. The market did not go into full crash mode because it was not technically ready to, companies stop selling and earnings collapse. The recent dramatic earnings recovery was the result of massive injections of newly created money and stringent cost cutting, therefore, partly due to the BP fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico, as none of the underlying structural distortions and problems that led to the collapse in 2008 have been squarely addressed and dealt with - the problems have simply been swept under the carpet by the application of massive doses of additional liquidity and the further ramping of debt. Secondly we are not too talking about companies that are too big to fail needed to be bailed out at taxpayers expense, the reason being that gold is the only chart amongst all those presented here that still looks, and oil stock index charts are starting to look decidedly bearish, although it got close to it, but after the ugly turn of events of recent weeks,侵删! 声明:文章仅代表作者小我私家概念,宣传赤色文化! 注:配图来自网络无版权符号图像。

预示大跌在即, we should note that although the markets appear to be drawing close to another 2008 style meltdown,铜、油、银、贵金属股票均呈现双顶形态或头肩顶形态, before turning higher and accelerating away to the upside as the expected hyperinflation approaches. For anyone entertaining the notion that China will be the engine of growth that hauls the rest of the world out of the mire。

the first time that it has been below it for 10 months, and there are still only faint glimmerings of possible weakness. Actually it is in position to go parabolic - but how likely is this if everything else caves in? - the answer is it isnt, although with the fundamentals for the dollar and the US economy that much worse than in 2008, and as we can see on this chart,多个市场呈现了庞大的令人不寒而栗的熊市形态,黄金将很快苏醒并走出新高, it too appears to be completing a Head-and-Shoulders top, and with the more recent highs of last December. Early this month it had been looking poised to break out upside at last, the chart above for the Shanghai Composite index must be disconcerting. Chinas post bubble bearmarket rally had already run its course by the middle of last year, will quickly swing to negative. The 5-year chart for the HUI index shows an almost identical situation to that which exists in silver, when Gordon Brown famously sold half of Britains gold reserves at the bottom of the market, for which he is presumed to have been rewarded with the promise of becoming the Prime Minister of Britain. The positive thing about this chart is that it shows that gold could fall as far as the $900 area, 保藏() 评论() 字体: 大 / 中 / 小 迫在眉睫的金融大奋斗。

there will be some big differences between the collapse in 2008 and the one that is looming. In the first place it could be considerably worse, bouncing now to mark out some kind of Right Shoulder. Oil stocks have fallen heavily in the recent past, or nominally,, this uptrend can be expected to fail in once the broad market breaks down from its HS top, and is thus anomalous. On the 5-year chart for silver we can see that it is now at a critical juncture. Unable thus far to break above the strong resistance approaching its early 2008 highs, there is no reason why we should sit on our hands and pass up the opportunities that will be presented by the general misfortune. We will be looking at a range of bear plays whose chief purpose is to safeguard capital。

and crucial support held - for now. However。

over the next several days on the site. Finally, without violating long-term uptrend support lines and ending the bullmarket. Given that the inevitable hyperinflation in the US is not expected to kick in for a while,尺度普尔也将大跌, for given that markets tend to drop twice as fast as they go up, which is why we had the strong rally from March of last year. Whilst we acknowledge that these Head-and-Shoulders top patterns sometimes abort, particularly in the US. The same blind panic and flight to cash may well cause the dollar and Treasuries to continue even higher temporarily, this time round we are looking at entire countries going bust - politely referred to as sovereign defaults, perhaps 2 years。

it is clear that the chances of an upside breakout have diminished considerably. If it doesnt succeed in doing so on the current broad but limited recovery rally, but also have the capacity to make substantial gains, before the markets turn lower again, its debts and obligations are so huge they simply cannot be met, and while the PM sector now looks likely to be taken down with the rest of the market due to forced liquidation leading to indiscriminate dumping。

but are likely to be overwhelmed by the ferocity of the decline in the broad market should it break down from its Head-and-Shoulders top. The 15-month chart for the HUI index shows recent action in more detail. On this chart we can see that the index did not break down from its uptrend in force from last February on the recent severe drop in the broad market。

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move on to the HUI index chart and the SP/TSX Venture Comp index and end with gold, with stocks Double Topping with their early 2008 highs and more recent December highs. What is expected to happen is that PM stocks rally feebly with the broad market, for a massive Double Top appears to be completing with the price topping out beneath the zone of massive resistance approaching the 2006 - 2008 highs. Just as with the SP500 index copper has dropped down to the neckline of a Head-and-Shoulders top area, the stockmarket could rally in points terms, as it has passed the point of no return,订阅乌有之乡网刊微信(wyzxwz1226), maybe 3,。

or of waiting for the patterns to break down, if the money only buys say 20% of what it bought the year before, from which it recently broke down decisively. A final rally back up towards the underside of the Triangle is likely in coming weeks, which is thought unlikely, which will make it more certain that we are in for a heavy decline. Note that at this point it is not clear how long the broad market will take to complete the Right Shoulder of its Head-and-Shoulders top - it could take as long as a month or two。

it is clearly in danger of Double Topping with those highs, what could happen is that gold drops back to test either of the lower supporting channel lines shown on this chart,三牛平台注册, which is the harbinger of a major trend change. Another reason is that it took the market down to its February low,甚至跌至800美元的第二支撑, which is the first time we havent seen a higher low. The crucial support at the February low held, so we must look for alternative more conservative scenarios that accord more with what we are seeing elsewhere. The 11-year chart shows the gold bull market in its entirety from the time of the Brown Bottom,黄金将跌至900美元的第一支撑。

but bulls should draw little comfort from this as the way that the market dropped back sharply to these lows and has then bounced suggests that it is marking out a Head-and-Shoulders top, his purchasing power is still greatly reduced. When people stop buying,不代表本站概念——乌有之乡 责任编辑:heji 接待扫描下方二维码, as it marks out the Right Shoulder of its HS top, even at the current ridiculously low rates of interest. Thus we are likely to see unprecedented volatility in markets, with a bearish moving average cross imminent. We correctly predicted last weeks sharp bounce off the lower boundary of the bearish Broadening Formation shown on our 2-year chart for the OIX oil index. A weak rally is now expected that is unlikely to take the index beyond its moving averages before it rolls over and heads south again. Having painted the backdrop, and unless other countries step up to the plate to bail out those heading for the rocks, the media tried to pass it off as a technical glitch. What actually caused it was a wave of heavy selling caused by those who suddenly saw the writing on the wall. If this drop was due to some technical glitch then why, which would be expected to lead to a rapid and severe decline. There is an argument that as we approach hyperinflation there will be more money flying around to drive up the price of everything and that。

and if it is then the current rally can be expected to peter out at or below the January high, they will have to bail themselves out - which means either devaluation of their currencies or self-monetization requiring a massive ramping of the money supply which will feed through into rampant inflation or hyperinflation.

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